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BET calls out Nigerian Singer, Maj, who remixed Beyonce’s song to ‘Light Skin Girl’


The Wizkid and Beyonce collabo is what many will describe as the Nigerian international collabo of the year (At least until Davido and Chris Brown’s song comes out), it received several rave reviews and even became an anthem among the black community

Many argue that the song is racist and fueling the raging fire of colorism and self- hate. In the words of one protester, ‘Why create a song that depicts one particular skin color as the best, when we’re trying to convince the world to embrace themselves no matter the color they are.

Nigerian singer Maj who probably sought to balance the scales made her own remix to the song, ‘Light Skin Girl’. However, she received major backlash, following her cover of Beyonce’s Brown Skin Girl.

Maj had done a cover of the song but changed hers to Light Skinned Girl, a term many were unhappy with. This caused major backlash for her on social media with the video having been retweeted thousands of times and the video viewed more than a million times.

BET has now reached out to the singer for her stance on the issue, and, according to Maj’s publicist Tope Delano, the reason for recording the song the way she did will be addressed in the interview.



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