Contestants Are 3 Days In Camp And It’s 2 Days To The Grand Finale: 5 Things You Need To Know About Beauty and Bride 2021

The maiden edition of the face of Beauty and Bride 2021 is fast approaching and all hands are on deck to produce a pageantry masterpiece.The contestants, for 3 days have been in camp engaging in physical fitness, project talks, seminar, practice and more and it’s safe to say to that another mind-blowing event is coming your way.However, there are amazing things you should know about this year’s edition of the face of Beauty and Bride:

1. There are a total of 12 contestants contending for the face of Beauty and Bride 2021

2. The Event will hold on 16th of May 2021 by 2pm at the International Culture and Event Center (The Dome), Akure, Ondo State

3. Chris Focus and Tess Atilayo will host the event

4. The Grand prize is a brand new car including other cash and gift prizes

5. Expect an event filled with glitz and glamBonus:

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