I Will Make Sure PDP Returns Back To Power In 2023- Jonathan

Under the People’ s Democratic Party (PDP), the former president of Nigeria has given the party a great deal of hope as he promises that he will do everything possible and within his capacity to ensure that the PDP takes over the presidential seat in 2023.During the meeting he held with the PDP representatives, including former Senate President Bukola Saraki, he made this remark.

The essence of the meeting was to reconcile any dispute between the Party members so that they could mobilize their house against the upcoming presidential election, which Saraki disclosed that the meeting ended with a positive results.Although the recent rumor of decamping to APC had previously been debunked by Jonathan, he still used the medium of the meeting to emphasize further that he remains firmly in the PDP and will still give his full support for the party advancement, maintaining that he is ready to put his possible efforts to ensure that he do everything within his power to make sure PDP returns back to power in 2023 presidential election.So I wondered how likely it would be for PDP to return to power in 2023 through the efforts of Jonathan. If he really had the ability to put the PDP back to power in 2023, I figured that when he contested and lost his election in 2015, he would have used that power. If truly he was still in control to bring back PDD to power, how possible will it be for him now that he is no longer in power?What are your thoughts and reactions to this my fellow Nigerians?Do you really think it’ s easy for PDP to take over the power in 2023Kindly share your opinion to this in the comments section. Thank you.KINDLY SHARE, LIKE AND FOLLOW ME FOR MORE NEWS UPDATE.

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