Dorathy: I can never be like Erica in a relationship

Dorathy has said she is similar to Vee than Erica in terms of dating.

The Housemate said she’s always careful while showing her affection in a relationship to avoid being hurt.

She said this while discussing with Laycon on Friday.

Dorathy said she doesn’t do Public Display of Affection because it gets back to hurt her.

“And she said I’m a different person outside the House,” Dorathy began.

“Outside the House I’m a calm person and I’m one person everybody will come to with their relationship problems.

“I think myself and Vee are alike when it comes to relationships but she allows herself to be in love while I’m too guarded for that.

“I can never be Erica I don’t know how to do Public display of affection (PDA) especially here. For me being here is about the money.

“she said It’s always hard for me to love because I know when I do I love too much and end up hurting myself. I need to visit a therapist about my heart.”

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