In a few hours

We have heard of the advent of F.U.T.A. DRUMS FESTIVAL that featured FUTA’s greatest legend of musicians ; the likes of Gbenga A.K.A Ebo, Victor Nelson, Salsa boy, HiteeSticks, Pirosticks, Kenny K. sticks A.K.A FUTAmetronome.

We also witnessed Campus DrumOff season 1 and 2; the first of its kind where drummers competed head to head and skill to skill for the prize of being the best drummer in town. This was the den where drummers were made. And pro musicians with articulate knowledge of their skills were recognized ; the likes of Elshola (Winner of Campus DrumOff season 1), Jaybee (Winner of Campus DrumOff season 2), Bsticks A.K.A playfullpapi (First runner up Campus drumOff) were forged.

We all experienced the Play along with Bsticks which happens to be the biggest outdoor drums show done on FUTA ground.

Today History is about to be made as Sundayshed Entertainment (organizers of Campus DrumOff) presents DREDGE DRUMS COMPETITION AND SHOWCASE CONCERT where 7 drummers compete for the price of a complete drums kit 🥁and bragging rights as Best drummer in town.

It’s all about the thrills🥺
It’s all about the fun😁
It’s all about the suspense🧐
It’s all about the emotions😍
The pain of losing😢, The joy of winning🕺🏽

It’s all about DREDGE

Time: 5pm
Venue: T.I. Francis Auditorium, F.U.T.A
Entry fee: #500 only

Don’t be told, Experience it.


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