I’ve Slept With With So Many Actresses – Ola Michael .

The topic of some movie producers and directors sleeping with actresses before giving them various roles to play in movies have been discussed a lot with some people even in the movie industry confirming that indeed it happens.
But according to some movie producers, these are just rumours and shouldn’t be taken seriously.
Now movie director and a strong sympathizer of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) Ola Micheal in his latest interview confessed of sleeping with some actresses both mainstream and upcoming ones.
According to Ola Micheal, he slept with those actresses, not because of movie roles but because the actress themselves wanted him to bang them to which he gratefully did. Explaining further, he disclosed that some of the people he sleeps with know very well that he wouldn’t come out to say or point them out that he has slept with them hence when they are in the mood they call him for that.
When asked about the total number of actresses he has slept with he revealed that he has lost count of the number but it more than he can

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