Laff O Clock with Dekola

My name is Dekola…I am a Comedian and a 200 level student of Criminology and Security Studies in Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA)

I’m the Host of the Popular Comedy Show on Campus which is Laff O Clock with Dekola and we had the first edition already when i was in 100level but now we are having the second edition next month on the 30th of August.

[7/31, 16:00] MC Dekola: This time around, We are working on a different concept…After making researches and realizing that AAUAITES love Drama and they love Comedy too, We came up with the Idea of Narrating all the funny and Crazy things Students experience On and Off Campus through Drama and that is why we tag this Second edition “The ComiCrazy Drama”

This is the Anticipation Design of the Event and all the things you see listed here are what an Average AAUAITE have experienced or is experiencing at the moment✌🏽

The actual Reason why we tagged it “The ComiCrazy Drama” is because most of the things students experience here are Crazy but because we are staging it in a COmedy Show, that’s where we got the Word “ComiCrazy”😁
One Important point to note is that All the topics we wrote on the Anticipation design has been put into a Story, and the story is what we will be Staging live on Stage on the 30th of August.

We won’t just be Staging the play alone, We’ll be having Comedy Performances by top comedians from all walks of life in South West Nigeria and also Musical Performances as well from our Popular Magicians, There’ll be Dance too and other side attractions all to ensure people have a good time and never forget The Experience!

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